I grew up in a small town in Montana that was dominated on the weekends by fishermen. Every Friday night, when work was done at the local plants, the people got out their tackle boxes and migrated to the rivers. I used to sit there and watch, mesmerized by the many angling methods. It seemed like people either chose bait and spin fishing, where they could sit in their reclining chairs on the town’s long docks and gab about work, or they moved on down to where the lake let out into the river. These people were more solitary and practices fly fishing, which is truly a work of art.

Fly fishing was a marvel to me as a young boy, and I learned how to do it at an early age. With just a rod, a heavy line, and the right lure, I was able to catch the biggest trout in town. Now I’ve created this website where you can read about the basics of fly fishing. I know how frustrating it can be to try this type of angling without any previous knowledge, so I’ve tried to keep things simple.

In this website you’ll find information about what makes fly fishing unique, how to perform a basic cast, and some of the pros and cons of fly fishing compared to spin fishing. I would sit to say more, but that river and the fish outside are calling my name.