Discover What Makes Fly Fishing Unique

What Is Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing refers to the specific method of angling that is different from other types of fishing. Fly fishing requires mastered skills in casting the artificial fly, or lure, that attracts the fish. These skills in casting have to simulate the weightless flying patterns of actual flies, so as to confuse the fish.

Where Do People Fly Fish?

Fly fishing is an angling method done in both salt and fresh water, and in any type of body of water, although rivers with a current are a popular choice for fly fishermen. However, where you fish depends entirely on the kind of fish you hope to catch.

For example, trout most often feed in the eddies in streams-locations where the current slows down just enough for the insects to land. By standing far enough from the eddies, you can cast your artificial fly into this target zone for the trout.

What Makes Fly Fishing Different From Other Types of Fishing?

What separates fly fishing from regular bait fishing is not just in the matter of casting the line. In fact, the equipment in fly fishing makes it very different from other fishing methods, such as fishing on a boat with a fish finder and a rod. The line that attaches the artificial fly to the rod is actually coated in sturdy plastic. It is this weighted plastic that allows the artificial fly to carry through the air, landing near the target fish.

Because the fish in any given body of water know the insects that make up a big part of their diets, fly fishermen have the extra challenge of creating artificial flies that look like the real insects. Hence, fly fishermen have to be creative and attentive to detail before they ever cast their line.

Now that you know more about the fundamentals of fly fishing, it is necessary to learn how to actually recognize and perform some basic moves with the fishing rod.

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