How to Pack Your Cooler before You go out on a Trip

If you are planning a camping trip with your friends, you cannot miss out on coolers and that must be the best cooler for ice retention since they can prove to be of great help for carrying food and drinks and preserving them throughout the trip.

Simply buying a cooler and carrying it along is not enough. You need to know how to pack it in a neat and organized manner so that the ice doesn’t melt away and the food doesn’t get stale.

Here is a guide to packing a cooler for camping in the best way possible:

Consider buying the best cooler for ice retention for your trip, camping or any where you need. Take ice blocks instead of ice cubes as they will last longer. You can take two or three large ice packs for the purpose. The volume of ice to be taken depends on the volume of your cooler. You are suggested to take two separate coolers for food and drink respectively. This will also help you to ensure longer durability of the packed items.

While packing, take things that are already frozen such as chicken marinades and frozen seafood. This will preserve the food items for a greater duration than it would do in case of normal food items. The items that are in the frozen condition will thaw over time in a natural way and will not get spoilt.

Keep the heavier things at the bottom of the cooler and the lighter ones at the top. For instance, if you are taking meat marinades, place them at the bottom of the cooler. Stuffs that are fragile, for ex. egg should be placed at the top. Put the loose items inside plastic sachets. In fact, it would be great if you can pack every item in plastic as it would prevent the smell of one from contaminating another.

Put ice cubes in between food items so that they can be of further help in preservation.

Reduce the volume of all items to the best of your abilities. Cut the larger fruits and vegetables into small pieces and store them in containers. Also, take just the right amount of food that you will actually need. If you need just six eggs, do not carry the entire crate.

If the cooler is chilled beforehand, it can be expected to hold ice for a longer period of time, that is the best cooler for ice retention. So, you should somehow manage to get access to a commercial refrigerator or a refrigerator of a huge size where the cooler can fit in. Keep the cooler inside it for some time before packing it or before setting out for a trip.

Do not drain cold water into the cooler if you are going for small trips. Instead of keeping things cold, it may hasten their melting. If you don’t have a camping cooler yet, find one at Reviews By People

Keep these things in mind. Have a great experience with your cooler!

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