Is Collagen Powder Popular in the Netherlands?

Collagen is a structural protein found in our bodies that can be known as The Fountain of Youth. It can help the appearance and health of our skin, nails, hair, and even joints! Of course, the collagen we see in supplements is derived from animals and powdered, and, according to marketeers, it can make us look younger.

Collagen powder – or collageen poeder, as they call it in the Netherlands – is processed version of collagen we get from animals. When kept in powdered form, it can easily be served into protein bars, vitamin tubs, capsules, or single-served pouches. 

Collagen products are rather popular in the West. but what about Europe? More specifically, is collagen powder popular in the Netherlands? 

How Popular Is Collagen Powder in the Netherlands?

Collagen, in any form, can compensate the age-related collagen deficiency and help the user look more youthful. Collagen powder can especially help tackle this, as you’d drink it. This way, it can deal with the wrinkles ‘from inside’. 

Because of this effect, collagen powder is becoming increasingly popular all across the world, and Netherlands is no different. In fact, there is one more reason why it seems like Dutch people might prefer it over some other skin treatments.

According to the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), Netherlands is among top 5 countries with the highest rate of skin cancer (melanoma). Some studies seem to suggest that some types of collagen, including the ones found in collagen powder, might help prevent melanoma. This is one of the causes of such huge popularity of products containing collagen powder in the Netherlands. 

Does Collagen Powder Really Work?

Many people think that supplements are just a lie made by beauty companies to help sell products. However, most pieces of research conducted have shown that there is proof that collagen works – and even more so, that collagen powder achieved better results than collagen creams. 

While there is no right or wrong way to take collagen, collagen powder is becoming increasingly popular due to the satisfied results reported by many users. Supplements with collagen can be found in many Dutch stores, especially those focusing on beauty products. 

Collagen powder seems to truly help not just our outside appearance, but the health of our bones and joints, as well. And the best part of it all is that there seem to be no side-effects of using it! 

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