What’s the Best Shelter for an Event Stall?

I would strongly suggest using an instant shelter of some sort, one that utilizes an easy set up system, as you will be taking it up and down frequently. 

Not only this, but durability is of key importance. As market stalls and event stands or continuously outside braving the elements, you will need something that can resist weathering consistently. 

With all these criteria in mind I would probably recommend a gazebo. They are similar to canopies, although they utilize a more aesthetic design. A reliable source I often use has covered the best pop up gazebos on the market in fine detail, and we love them. The fact they are ‘pop up’ means they literally set up in under 1-2 minutes, whereas usually a standard gazebo may take up to 20-30 minutes to erect. 

They have a variety of shapes and sizes too, you can get a larger one for elongated market stalls, or a smaller model for quick outdoor events etc. 

The designs vary too and you could modify the top cover to match your companies color theme or the flow of the event. 

Covers are usually made of Polyethylene which is a very resistant material that is 100% waterproof and will keep you, your goods and customers dry underneath. In the case of sidewinds bringing in rain and wet, you can attach side walls or wind-panels onto the sides of some models. This will help keep it all tight and enclosed.  

There are even meshed models that act as screen rooms for the yard or camping, often called camping hubs or hexagon screen rooms. They may work well for certain events too, covering 1-2 tables worth of space with UV protected shading. 

The frames are lightweight but strong, offering some flex but strong enough to withstand winds, rain and even snowfall in some cases. Often coated with a rust and erosion resistant powdered coating on the framework, so no amount of rain will cause rusting and damage. 

I would recommend a pop-up gazebo for any temporary stall or stand, whether it be food, BBQ or a company event. The meshed models would also be suitable for any yard, patio and garden events. Or simply just a play area that is shaded for kids and family. 

If you were wondering the difference between a gazebo and canopy, it’s basically the design. A canopy is very stiff in its design, often sticking to the same shape, a simple 4-legged structure with polyethylene cover. However, gazebos often utilize a hexagonal shape or in cases of larger models, a more intricate roofing design. They also have more models with attachments, such as wind panels, LED lighting and color schemes.

If you are curious about exactly what’s on offer, check out the thetenthub.com for a very detailed article on pop up gazebos, it should cover any other further questions you have regarding these efficient shelters. 

Hope this helps you in your quest for shade and shelter!

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