Why are Car Cameras Useful in Thailand?

A dash cam or กล้องติดรถยนต์ as they say in Thailand, isn’t at the high side to afford, but it is essential to know the use of a dash cam before purchasing one.

Drivers who are interested in having one ask if owning one is legal.

In Thailand, owning and using a dash cam is legal in as much as much it isn’t invading someone else’s privacy. And of course, it isn’t illegal when it is not designed to obstruct the driver’s view when driving in order to cause an accident.

However, for a taxi or privately hired drivers, it is very important you mute the recording sound of the car camera to avoid any form of invading someone’s privacy in the car.

Back to the main course, let’s do away with the appetiser. So, why are car cameras useful?

A dash cam is very useful to a driver for it helps to keep him or her from wrong accusation about an incident that has occurred. It just keeps you away from unnecessary trouble and definitely out of jail, if it involves an accident and your actions are unintentional.

Is it useful when I drive at night?

All dash cams are designed to record on a continuous loop even at night, as noted in the reviews by Proreview.co in their guide.. If the available light is weak, it can be enhanced with techs like high dynamic range, also known as HDR for short and another tech like WDR can be used as well.

These technologies can really help to improve clear vision at night which can prevent a driver from getting involved in an accident and also gives the driver a heads up view of things ahead such as animals escaping to the road at night in a wildlife or forest region.

Do you know that dash cams are designed with sensors in such a way that they can detect crash impact?

How useful can this device get when it has the ability to keep you alert while driving. Before any unforeseen event such as an accident, a dashcam records and saves everything happening depending on the position mounted.

These files are automatically stored on a micro SD card, locked so it cannot be overwritten. The number of files a dashcam can store depends on the storage size of the micro SD card.

Guess what? When the storage gets full, you can transfer the files to another device, e.g. computer or phone permanently.

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